How do I transfer my NRAS Property to a New Manager?

The Federal Government has recently introduced new legislation enabling NRAS Property Investors to transfer the management of their NRAS Property to another NRAS Approved Participant.  This is great news for investors who are unhappy with their existing NRAS arrangements!
The purpose of the new legislation is to provide NRAS investors with much greater protection.  Investors can lodge a request to transfer their NRAS property from one provider to another for a range of reasons, including:
  1. there has been a failure by the approved participant to comply with a condition of the NRAS allocation;
  2. the approved participant provided false or misleading information to an investor;
  3. the approved participant contravened a consumer protection law, such as engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct in relation to their allocation, or engaging in unlawful anti-competitive conduct;
  4. forcing investors to comply with unreasonable requirements or systematically failing to respond to investor requests and enquiries for information, including regarding the payment of incentives.
For more information about these changes to the NRAS Program, please check the following: Affinity Property Australia is an industry leader in NRAS compliance, property management, sales and providing investors with expert NRAS advice.  We have a 100% compliance success rate and have been managing NRAS properties since the scheme was launched in 2008.  We manage properties under multiple NRAS programs and we know what works well for investors and what doesn't work well.
If you would like more information about how we can help you buy an NRAS property, sell your NRAS property, transfer to another provider or exit the NRAS program, please contact us with your appraisal request or phone (07) 3293 9100.