How to Appeal to All Buyers (Steps 43 - 57)

The Atmosphere of your home can have a huge impact on how buyers experience the space, therefore it is essential to keep the atmosphere pleasant & appealing. The living area should show a sense of lifestyle that feels inviting and will appeal to a wide range of buyers. 
Read about our expert tips for creating the right Atmosphere, minimising Odours and preparing Living Areas for sale.

Atmosphere & Odours

Put yourself in a potential buyer’s shoes and consider the overall atmosphere of your home. Keep in mind your sense of smell as you go through the checklist.

 STEP 43

A clean, fresh-smelling home creates a positive image in a buyer’s mind. Be aware of any odours from cooking, cigarette smoke, pets etc. These may have adverse effect on potential buyers. Remember that some people are much more sensitive to odour than others.

 STEP 44

You can use products like carpet deodorisers, air fresheners and room deodorisers, but the best strategy is to remove the source of the odour rather than cover it up.

 STEP 45

If smoking and cooking odours have permeated your home, have your carpets and furniture cleaned, and air or dry-clean your curtains. Mildew odours can also be offensive. Don’t allow wet towels to accumulate in hampers or dirty clothes to pile up in cupboards.

 STEP 46

Air conditioning filters can be another source of unpleasant odour. Clean the vent covers and change the filters at least once a month. A high accumulation of dust detracts from the presentation of your home and can circulate odour throughout the property. You may want to consider having the air conditioning ducts professionally cleaned.

 STEP 47

Once offensive odours have been eliminated, consider adding pleasant scents. Studies have shown that humans have strong, positive responses to certain aromas, such as cinnamon, flowers or freshly baked bread.

Living Areas

Think of these areas as furniture showrooms. Add touches that make a room look inviting.


 STEP 50

Clean the fireplace if you have one and use logs to create an attractive appearance. You are welcome to have a fire going for showing the warmth and great atmosphere it creates in the winter months.

 STEP 51

Dress up a mantelpiece, but don’t make it look too cluttered.

 STEP 52

Improve the traffic flow by removing excess furniture. Remove oversized television sets if they dominate the room.

 STEP 53

Draw attention to exposed beams or a cathedral ceiling with special lighting. Be sure to remove all cobwebs and dust.

 STEP 54

In the heat of summer, place a bowl of lemons or limes on a bench or table to provide a fresh, pleasant aroma.

 STEP 55

Clean and organise all storage space. If your cabinets, drawers and cupboards are crowded and overflowing, buyers will assume your storage space is inadequate. Tidy, organised shelves/ drawers appear larger and more adequate for a prospective buyer’s needs.

 STEP 56

Large Kitchen windows should be highlighted as a feature of your home. Take a critical look at the window furnishing – is it clean, sharp and up-to-date? Do the curtains need washing or the blinds need cleaning? Would the window area look better without any furnishing?

 STEP 57

Identify any dark corners or areas and invest in a decorative floor lamp to instantly create a warm and inviting space.