Information for Investors

We work with thousands of property investors across Australia to help you make informed decisions on buying:

  • the right property;
  • at the right price;
  • properties with good cash flows;
  • property in appropriate ownership structures; and
  • with the right loan and financial advice


Investment returns can be greatly enhanced through borrowing.  However, the golden rule of borrowing money is to borrow for appreciating assets such as property, and not use the borrowed funds for consumables that depreciate in value.  Debt, if used properly for appreciating assets such as property, is a critical tool in building wealth.  When you are considering borrowing money to invest, it’s not just a case of how much property you have to borrow against.  It’s also critical to consider your ability to service the loan.  Regardless of the value of your properties or other assets, when it comes to borrowing money, every investor is limited by cash flow. 



Our experienced directors, staff and consultants have significant property investment experience and have a broad range of property investment skills in areas such as: tax; finance; self-managed super funds; quantity surveying & tax depreciation; building & pest inspections; conveyancing and insurance.


Our property investment services help clients identify and purchase good, long term investment properties through:


  1. detailed property market research
  2. identifying high return property investments
  3. securing investment properties at fair value from developers
  4. assisting clients with financing their investment properties
  5. delivering high quality, professional ongoing property management services to maximize investment returns


We have an extensive Australia wide sales network and affiliations with financial planners, property brokers, investor groups, accountants, private investors and real estate agents.