Is the Property Exterior Important? (Steps 9-17)

The street view of your property is of most importance, as well as creating an Outdoor Living Area that buyer's can imagine spending their weekends. 
Read about our expert tips for preparing your Driveway, Garden and Outdoor Living for sale.

The Driveway & Garden

The surface of your driveway should be clean and well maintained. The street view of a property is one of the first things a buyer sees and gives them an idea whether the property is easy to maintain.




Sweep and wash the driveway and walkways to remove debris, dirt and stains. Remove any oil stains if possible. Repair and patch any cracks, edge the sides and pull up any weeds.

 STEP 10

Ensure the grass is neatly mowed, raked and edged.

 STEP 11

Add Cypress Pine mulch around your shrubs and trees to instantly freshen and renew garden beds. The Cypress Pine smells lovely and it also is a great mulch that keeps termites at bay. Expand your garden beds if you have the room. Large garden beds add a sense of space and privacy and attractive contours can make your garden seem much larger and welcoming.

 STEP 12

Prune and shape shrubbery and trees to complement your house. Consider adding seasonal flowers to your garden. Choose plants that suit your local climate and have attractive flowers and pleasant fragrances, such as Lavender, Jasmine, Grevilleas and Acacias.

 STEP 13

If you have room, add a sense of lifestyle to your backyard, by setting up your  badminton or volleyball net to suggest a scene of family fun.



Outdoor Living

Having a great outdoor space adds a lot of appeal for properties in South East Queensland due to the fantastic outdoor climate we have.


 STEP 14

It is important to devote at least one area of your garden to outdoor living. Buyers will respond favourably to a designated outdoor entertaining area.

 STEP 15

Consider dressing your outdoor setting with a tablecloth, plates and glasses. Bring out the barbeque tools and buyers will almost smell the steak and onions cooking.

 STEP 16

If you have a wooden deck, ensure the wood is not too faded. A quick coat of stain, decking oil or paint may be in order. Check your fence for any loose or broken posts and replace any rotten wood.

 STEP 17

Make sure you have plants and greenery in your outdoor area. Planter boxes with lush green shrubs add instant appeal.