Kitchen & Dining ESSENTIALS (Steps 58 - 67)

It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that the Kitchen & Dining in your home appears spacious and inviting. This space of the home is a decider for majority of buyers, therefore it needs to create a vision where the buyers can imagine themselves in the space. 
Read about our expert tips on preparing your Kitchen and Dining for sale. 

The Kitchen

A visually appealing & functional kitchen is high on almost every buyer’s priority list & therefore warrants extra attention.

 STEP 58

Avoid clutter. Clear benchtops of small appliances to maximize the appearance of a workspace. Check the benchtop around your sink and remove any dishes, detergent or brushes that may be cluttering the area.

 STEP 59

Sinks, cabinets and benchtops should be clean and fresh.

 STEP 60

Appliances (oven, cooktop etc.) should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

 STEP 61

Clear items from the top of the refrigerator. If you must use this area for storage, conceal items in decorative baskets or bowls.

 STEP 62

Set the scene with an open cookbook, a bowl filled with fruit, a vase of flowers, or a ceramic mixing bowl and wire whisk.

 STEP 63

Create the aromas commonly associated with happy homes. Bake some cookies, a loaf of bread or pop a frozen apple pie in the oven.

 STEP 64

If you have a breakfast bar, set two attractive place settings and place cushions on the stools.


Dining Room

Your dining room should be inviting prospective buyers to imagine sharing a meal with family & friends.

 STEP 65

Visually enlarge a small dining room. If your dining table extends, consider leaving it un-extended. You could even consider placing your dining table against a wall if you cannot move around it with ease.

 STEP 66

Remove any extra chairs. Consider putting oversized pieces in storage until your property sells.

 STEP 67

Set the table for an informal meal and add an attractive centerpiece arrangement, such as fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit.