Testimonials about Kay Gallagher (Receptionist and Maintenance Manager)

I have found my dealings with the Affinity Property staff very pleasant. They are friendly and efficient. Nothing seems to be any trouble for them. I get all the required notifications in a timely manner and they always keep me informed on any ongoing issues, either by telephone or e-mail. I am very grateful to staff, especially to Kay Gallagher, who linked me with the perfect rental opportunity at the moment I really needed it.

Paul Steinbach - Tenant


My name is Leonie and I am a reasonably new client with Affinity Property. I am impressed with the supportive service I have received from Kay Gallagher during my unexpected transition to the rental area. I was stressed and confused and out of my comfort zone and she is prompt in providing information, which I needed, to help me feel secure and confident again. Thanks Kay.  

Leonie Regan-Kerr - Tenant


This is an email to thank Affinity Property, for giving me a beautiful NRAS Property, Kay and Shelley were really efficient, I applied Tuesday afternoon, and Kay rang me at 11am the next day to say I was approved, than Shelley was very efficient in the paper work. As I have never had an NRAS property, she helped me sort all the huge amount of paper work that was involved, and never been in a NRAS property, she was very good at explaining to me how it all works. I am happy in my new home, and was very happy with Kay and Shelly how they organised all of this for me.

Paul Daly - Tenant


I have rented through Affinity Property for almost one year now and have recently signed another tenancy agreement. The service I have received from Shelley Walsh and Kay Gallagher in particular has been amazing. Every issue, particularly maintenance issues have always been dealt with promptly. Any miscommunication, owner delay or terms that were not completely agreed upon have been sorted respectfully and promptly. I am very grateful for the continuous communication between Affinity Property staff members and myself as it allows me to get on with my busy schedule, knowing that my rental property is being taken care of. This is the only rental I have had where I have felt looked after and treated like I am just as important as the owner. I'm not sure what else to add except thank you. Thank you to Shelley, Kay and Affinity Property for making renting so easy and stress-free.

Jill Taylor - Tenant