Tamara Borghardt

Tamara Borghardt

Senior Property Manager

0448 099 712

Tamara Borghardt is a versatile, results-orientated, professional Property Manager with extensive experience in the corporate Real Estate industry. Possessing demonstrated customer service excellence, along with technical skills in portfolio management, Tamara emphasises a collaborative approach in her negotiations and dealings with clients.

She has a strong back ground in business development and strategic planning leadership with the aptitude to foster a team-orientated environment while imparting knowledge to others on how to increase productivity. As a dedicated and enthusiastic individual armed with solid communication and interpersonal skills she easily establishes and maintains strong relationships with clients and staff. She is self-motivated and diligently follows through on all tasks allocated to her.

Having worked in property management for over 10 years Tamara brings with her a depth of knowledge landlords and tenants appreciate. She has a strong understanding of Government and Industry laws, regulations and practices and ensures all clients are compliant. Her role involves all aspects of property management, including property letting, entry condition reports, exit condition reports, routine inspections, owner reports, tenant liaison, managing tenancy breaches, QCAT matters, legislative compliance and other property management tasks.

Tamara is a critical thinker and has strong social, interpersonal and communication skills. She is also community minded and she is passionate about the Starlight Foundation.

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