8 Step Guide To Maximise Profits With Your Investment Property

8 Steps To Maximise Profit
With Your Investment Property

Jodie O'Brien

Jodie O'Brien

General Manager

8 Step Guide To Maximise Profits With Your Investment Property

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In your role as a landlord, we recognise one of your main goals is to maximise profits with your investment property. At Affinity, we can help you achieve this goal. Read our comprehensive 8-step plan to help you immediately increase profit with your investment property today.  

Being a landlord can be stressful. Neglectful property managers are often the reason that many investors lose money on their investment properties. Don’t settle for less than the best. If you need help, changing property managers is quick and easy with Affinity Property. We will help you maximise profits with your investment property.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

Your tenants are repeatedly unhappy
Tenant dissatisfaction due to management neglect hurts your occupancy rates.
Your tenants take your property for granted
No one’s dealing with nasty tenants who don’t pay, but aren’t evicted properly.
Finger pointing, instead of problem solving

Management agencies that are more interested in shifting blame than solving problems.

Your property is still
The company that’s helping you to search for tenants isn’t doing much.
Your tenants aren’t paying on time…and no one cares

Your property management company  isn’t doing anything to help you collect your rent.

Issues keep popping up…and nobody’s maintaining it
Failure to address critical maintenance affects your immediate profitability.

See our 8 Step Guide Below

#1 Highest Possible Rent

You deserve a property manager that is attentive to your needs and always striving to make sure your investment properties are earning as much money as possible. Affinity does regular detailed research to help you get the best possible rent. 

If the rent is too high, you will not get tenants. But if it is too low, you won’t get the returns you need to make a decent profit. As such, you need to find a happy medium between the two. 

This involves a detailed analysis of several key factors:

Local Demand

Surrounding area’s rent rate and rental trends

Property Features

The specific attributes of your property

Broader Market

The state of the property market

We regularly assess these factors to get you the highest possible rent. 

Features of your property

Factors such as the size of your property, how old it is, and what extra features it has (eg. does it have a pool?), and what condition it is in are all important details that potential tenants want to know. Not only that,  but when your property has lots of attractive features, tenants will be willing to pay a higher rent. 

Make sure the condition is good before you rent

Rising interest rates, increasing inflation, and other economic factors can push the cost of buying a home out of reach for many Australians. This increases the demand for rentals, allowing you to charge a higher rent.  We monitor the state of the market intently, and are happy to advise you when it may be possible to increase your rent. 

#2. Excellent Property Presentation

A modern home is favourable to potential tenants (especially high paying ones). Make sure to boost your home’s appeal by including everday essential household items in your property.  This will not only increase the rental return but will provide you with a wider range of tenants while meeting market requirements. 

Staging and Styling Service

An effective staging and styling service will declutter, depersonalise and emphasise the positive aspects of your property. It is vital that prospective tenants look at the property and see themselves living in it. 

Do it yourself?

There is much you can do on your own to improve the look and feel of your property. Mow your yard, clear out the driveway, add new flowers, add a fresh coat of paint and declutter your rooms etc. 

#3. Leasing Quickly

Fast leasing means landlords have minimal vacancy risk and generate the highest possible income throughout the year. One week’s lost rent equals 2% vacancy rate for the year.  We lease over 80% of properties within 48 hours and over 95% are leased within 5 days.

Costs do not stop

There are some repairs that will be too advanced or complex to do yourself. Instead, you should hire an expert contractor. At Affinity, we work only with the best contractors and handymen. 

Make use of vacancies

A vacancy can be useful if you need to undertake disruptive repairs or renovations to improve the property. But you should never have an investment property vacant for longer than necessary to complete any work. 

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#4. Low Arrears

As a landlord, you want to receive your rental payments on time.  Our arrears is consistently below 0.5%, which is the best in the industry.  This means our landlords get paid on time – every time.

What Are Arrears?

When a tenant does not pay their rent on time, their payment is "in arrears".  Thus, if they miss their rent by 3 days, they are 3 days in arrears.  You can only issue a breach notice to a tenant if they are a certain number of days in arrears. What this number is, depends on your type of tenancy.

What does 0.5% arrears mean?

Affinity Property has a strict arrears policy that is set out for tenants at the beginning of every tenancy. Our systems track tenant payments so that automated follow-up notices are generated immediately if a tenant payment is late. This process is managed daily, ensuring tenants are followed up quickly and rarely fall into arrears. Many property managers have much higher rates of properties in arrears. 

#5. Great Tenant Selection

We take time to match the right tenant for each property.  Extra time up front often results in very good, long-term tenancies.  We have less than 20% turnover of our tenants each year, which reduces landlords costs (no leasing or advertising costs to re-lease your property) and maximises your income.

It takes experience

Our property managers have decades of experience in finding the best possible tenants for our clients. We know the subtle signs to look out for which suggest a person would be the right fit for your rental property.  

Other benefits of great tenants

A great, respectful long-term tenant will take good care of your property. Not only that, they will not disturb the public, ensuring your reputation as a landlord remains strong amongst the wider community.  

#6. Well Priced Management Fees

Our fees are well priced and flexible.  

We provide many services at no additional cost as part of our property management service.

Ask about our fee structure now

Feel free to call or email us and ask about our fee structure. Call on 07 3293 9100 or email us now to find out more.

Or, call us now on 07 3293 9100

We don't charge for...

  • Lease negotiation/renewal fees
  • Periodic inspection fees
  • Entry / Exit Inspection fees
  • Routine condition report fees

#7 Experienced Property Management Team

We understand property investing inside out and help clients minimise maintenance costs, arrange depreciation schedules, manage compliance costs and explain the process about how you can claim various deductions. We use our knowledge to help you maximise profits with your investment property. Our team has over 100 years’ combined property management experience and we share this knowledge helping our clients every day.

Friendly team

Not only are we skilled and experienced, but the team at Affinity Property also enjoys building strong, personal relationships with landlords and with tenants. 

Not just property management

Many of our property managers are also sales agents. This means that if you want to sell your investment property. or purchase a new investment property, we can assist you with this as well. 

#8 Secure the Best Finance

To maximise profits with your investment property you should find ways to reduce costs. We work with a number of Australia’s leading finance brokers who help clients reduce their property holding costs through better home loans.  For a FREE no-obligation private consultation regarding your property finance, please contact Eleanor Crosby from EverAfter Home Loans

What are holding costs?

The term ‘holding costs’ in property refers to the outgoings and expenses incurred by an investment property owner, pending receipt of rental income from a tenant or the proceeds on the sale of the property to another party. Essentially, they are the fees you pay for owning a property. 

Property finance is important

While property is more safe and stable than other investments, it still comes with risk. That is why you need a skilled finance broker to help you get the right home loan. 

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