88 Tips for Selling your Home at the Best Price

Expert Tips for Selling Your Home at the Best Price

When it comes time to sell your home, it’s important to know what property features your buyers are looking for.   We'll Get You the Best Price Guaranteed! You'll love our Expert Tips for Selling Your Home at the Best Price. These brilliant tips are low cost and will help you get the best price when you sell your property.     Sold for More than $30,000 Above Initial Price Appraisal            Can We Help You Answer Any Questions?

Is the Property Exterior Important? (Steps 9-17)

The street view of your property is of most importance, as well as creating an Outdoor Living Area that buyer's can imagine spending their weekends.    Read about our expert tips for preparing your Driveway, Garden and Outdoor Living for sale.        

First Impressions Count! (Steps 18 - 32)

The Front Entry to your property can provide a great first impression.  Cleaning & Maintenance is essential to ensure buyer's have a positive experience when they walk through your home.    Read about our expert tips for your Front Entry, Cleaning & Maintenance in preparation for sale.            

How To Decorate Effectively (Steps 33 - 42)

The fun part! Showing off your home through Staging, Decorating and Lighting can make a huge difference to how buyers perceive your home. Neutralising and Creating More Space can ensure you are enhancing the best features of your home without creating clutter.    Read about our expert tips for preparing your home for sale with Staging/ Showing off your Home & Neutralising/ Creating More Space.        

How to Appeal to All Buyers (Steps 43 - 57)

The Atmosphere of your home can have a huge impact on how buyers experience the space, therefore it is essential to keep the atmosphere pleasant & appealing. The living area should show a sense of lifestyle that feels inviting and will appeal to a wide range of buyers.      Read about our expert tips for creating the right Atmosphere, minimising Odours and preparing Living Areas for sale.        

Kitchen & Dining ESSENTIALS (Steps 58 - 67)

It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that the Kitchen & Dining in your home appears spacious and inviting. This space of the home is a decider for majority of buyers, therefore it needs to create a vision where the buyers can imagine themselves in the space.    Read about our expert tips on preparing your Kitchen and Dining for sale.