Investing in Real Estate

There are a number of areas across the country that continue to perform well and show much promise for the future, including Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay here in Queensland, Bendigo and Darebin in Victoria, Stirling in Western Australia and Marion in South Australia. Below, we take a brief look at how each of these areas is performing and what makes it attractive for residential property investment purposes in Australia.

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Beach, Eumundi and Wurtulla were three of the best-performing suburbs in Sunshine Coast during 2019 and the area as a whole looks set to perform well over the coming financial year. Strong interest from Melbourne and Sydney-based investors along with interest from local investors, is helping to keep property valuation levels buoyant and the expanding local economy is underpinning this growth. Reference research article we shared with clients in 2018 – all predictions are now being realised

Moreton Bay

Decent rental yields and relatively low prices, along with a solid performance in the last financial year, make Moreton Bay an attractive proposition for both newcomers and seasoned property investment specialists in Australia. The ongoing transformation from a rural to an urban economy is also helping suburbs such as Petrie to attract attention from prospective investors. Transport links to Brisbane and local beaches make it an appealing location for local residents too.

Bendigo, VIC

Both home buyers who wish to settle in Victoria and those looking for investment opportunities find the affordable house prices in Bendigo alluring. With some suburbs seeing double digit rises in 2019, Bendigo is an area to watch for value hunters in the residential Australian property market. The growth of the retail industry in Bendigo continues to attract new residents, which is likely to support further property valuation increases in the future.

Darebin, VIC

Just over 12 km north of Melbourne’s CBD, Darebin has remained a solid performer in terms of residential property investment while other areas of Melbourne have been less fortunate. The best-performing suburbs in this area saw increases of up to 9% last year and planned government projects in Darebin are sure to help the local economy in the coming months and years.

Stirling, WA

Stirling is around 10 km north of the Perth CBD but the low house prices there have yet to fully reflect its appealing location as far as many industry insiders are concerned. Although the residential property market in Stirling has performed well over the last year, it is probably a little more risky in investment terms than the areas already covered in this guide.

Marion, SA

Roughly 11 km from Adelaide CBD, Marion is yet another attractively located suburb that is worth a second glance for residential property investors in 2020-2021. Property valuation rises of 7-8% in various suburbs were seen in 2019 and the potential for many new residential developments in the near future is sure to keep it in the spotlight as far as adventurous Australian property investment experts are concerned.
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