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Useful Tips For Buying an Investment Property in the Moreton Bay Region

We specialise in helping investors to buy, sell and generate an income from investment properties in Moreton Bay Region, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich Region.  We would like to share our expertise with those who are currently looking to buy an investment property in this part of Australia.

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The Moreton Bay region has seen growing attention from interested property investors, who see the potential for major growth in the future. 

Investments being made into suburbs such as Kallangur, Petrie, and Griffin are sure to increase property prices and achieve stronger returns for landlords. 

If you would like to be part of the future Moreton Bay boom, then you should buy a property in Moreton Bay.  

Affinity Property would like to share our advice which comes from over 100 years of collective real estate experience. 

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The Location

This is perhaps the most important factor of all. A nice property in a bad location could prove to be almost impossible to sell and very difficult to rent out too. Even if the price is very tempting, we recommend avoiding investment properties in unpopular or undesirable locations.

A location can be undesirable for a number of reasons including:

Investing in the wrong place can cost you thousands of dollars. 

noise pollution

Noise pollution

Noise pollution in a suburb is an annoyance for residents, and even cause health problems such as hearing loss, high blood pressure, headaches and more. As a result, suburbs with lots of noise pollution have houses with lower values.

high crime rate

High crime rate

The closer your home is to a crime hot spot, the more its value will be depressed. High rates of theft, violence, hooning and other criminal activities in a suburb all contribute to lowering demand, which lowers the value of properties in a suburb

no public transport

Poor public transport

Without any nearby buses or trains it can be difficult for residents without a car to get anywhere. When a suburb lacks public transport, the appeal and value is lower.

flood zone

In a flood zone

Flood zones are areas close to rivers, in low lying areas or have poor urban drainage system that can be overwhelmed by heavy rainfall. Any property in these zones is at major risk of damage and repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

no amenities

Lack of ammenities

Properties increase in value when they are within walking distance to shops, hospitals and other services. When a suburb lacks these areas, it lacks the convenience will hurt your chances of renting or selling a property there.

poor reputation

Poor reputation

Part of the appeal of a property comes down to a reputation. If people believe a suburb is bad and not worth living in, they will not seek to buy or rent there. However, reputations can change and if you invest at just the right time, you can buy low and sell high.


How much you pay for the properties you invest in will play a huge part in determining whether they turn out to be good purchases or not. We can provide you with an accurate market appraisal for any property you are thinking of buying, as part of our investment property services.

Take advantage of Affinity’s property appraisal service below: 

Supply vs Demand

Supply and demand play a sizeable role in determining the price of your property, and what you will get in investment returns. Supply is the number of properties on the market in the area you are buying in. Demand refers to the number of people looking to purchase properties. When supply is greater than demand, the price of homes drops. When demand exceeds supply, price increases. You should carefully monitor the state of the property market and housing levels in your area. Buying at the wrong time could force you to pay costs higher than your rent could cover, or leave you without tenants for months.

The Style and Type of Property

Certain types and styles of property are much easier to rent out and sell than others. Before you buy a home in Moreton Bay Region, Ipswich Region, Sunshine Coast or Brisbane, you need to make sure that it is of a type and style that is popular with tenants, other investors and house hunters. 

As active property managers and advisors to many buyers and sellers in the area, we can provide you with up-to-date information that will help you to avoid making a poor investment.

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A duplex style property
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A single family home
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A unit

The Scope For Improvements and Extensions

Properties that are easy to extend or improve often make better investments, so it is well worth considering this factor when you are evaluating houses in the area.

Whether you intend to improve the properties in your portfolio before selling them on or you are going to sell them in their current condition, this factor is still one that you should consider.

before and after renovations

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If you would like the help of an independent property investment advisor with years of experience in the business, please feel free to call and speak to us at any time. 

We will be happy to provide you with a market appraisal for properties you are looking at, help you to find the best investment opportunities in the area, and manage your property portfolio if you desire.

We are experts at managing properties to achieve the best outcome for landlords. 

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