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Are you looking to rent out your duplex property? Duplexes are a versatile and very popular choice for property investors. When you lease a duplex there are multiple factors you should consider to ensure you get the highest return. Read our duplex expert tips below, to maximise your duplex rental return today.

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Single Title vs Dual Title for your duplex rental

Renting your property out to tenants can be a complex process. This is doubly true if you are renting out a duplex.

Duplexes in Queensland are either single title or dual title.

Leasing a dual title duplex can be slightly more costly as it requires two separate fees for rates, water, and insurance. A single title on the other hand, incurs only one set of fees.

This cost difference means landlords of dual title duplexes should consider setting their weekly rent higher than comparable single title duplexes.

Often, dual title duplexes are larger which justifies the higher prices. The rent difference may be as much as $10 to $20 per week, which means an extra $500 to $1,000 per annum for the landlord. This additional income helps offset the higher costs associated with owning a dual title duplex.

Duplex Tenancy Structure

When renting out a property that is unique, like a duplex, you must plan out your tenancy structure.

It’s important to structure your tenancies for a constant flow of income. Ideally, you want both sides of the duplex to be rented out, but this is not always possible.

The best way to protect yourself from a total loss of income is to make sure that the tenancies end at different times.

This will guarantee you at least one stream of revenue during the tenant changeover.

You should never leave a duplex sitting vacant because you still pay the ongoing costs. These costs include mortgage repayments, interest, rates, bank fees, management fees, water charges, and taxes.

Without tenants, your duplex can quickly become a drain on your finances rather than a sound investment

Living in a Duplex and renting out the other side

When you live in one side of your duplex property and rent the other side out, you are still considered an owner-occupier. While occupying one side of your duplex is often sold as “living for free”, this really will depend on your expenses. You will typically still have a range of costs to cover, including your mortgage repayments, bank fees, and utilities.

However, your rental income can certainly ease the pressure of paying those costs, making it a sound move for your investment.

The big thing to consider is whether you and your family or partner will be able to live in these shared conditions and whether the space will be enough.

Repair, clean and upgrade your duplex before renting your property

Your duplex’s presentation is key to getting the highest rental returns.

Make sure your property looks as good as possible before you advertise to potential tenants.

Take the opportunity to spruce up your garden, repaint walls, and clean carpets while the property is still vacant. Organise to get major, disruptive repairs and upgrades done before the tenants move in.

Tenants will pay higher rent for premium properties that look fresh and new. Even an older duplex can look new again with the right renovations and/or maintenance.

Photos of your duplex are also important. Consider staging and styling services to get photos that represent your property in the very best light.

Getting compatible tenants

When leasing a duplex property, it is important to remember that the tenants will be right next to each other.

Make sure the tenants are a good fit to live next to one another.

For example, a parent with young children may struggle living next to a house full of young university students. You should take the time to carefully vet your tenants and their lifestyles.

A good relationship between tenants will help to minimise turnover and keep your letting costs down.

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Once your tenants are living in your duplex, we will manage the day-to-day running of the property, and address any issues that come up.

The backbone of our great service is the strong bond we develop with our clients, and with your tenants.

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Whether you're renting out both sides of your duplex or plan to occupy one side yourself, we'll find you the best tenants. Your property manager will find tenants that are compatible to set you up with long-term tenants.

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Through our online repair and maintenance portal and our common sense approach to property management, we maintain your duplex and ensure it stays in excellent condition.

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Our experience in duplex property management means we have the knowledge and expertise to get your duplex leased fast. It comes back to our commitment to adding value for our clients and our care for your bottom line.

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Leasing Duplex Properties FAQs

Duplex landlords who want to see the highest possible return on their investment should first find out what their property is worth.

Affinity offers a free Property Investment Analysis Report that shows deep insights, cost savings and untapped earning potential that you could be missing out on.

We also identify your strengths and weaknesses, sharing our inside knowledge to improve your investment return.

First impressions count for a lot when prospective tenants see a property they might wish to live in. These days virtually everyone sees properties in photos and on the internet before they see it in person.

This is why getting professional photos and staging and styling done on your rental property is essential.

By making your property look its best, you can charge a higher rent, as tenants pay more for quality places to live.

Balancing a role as a landlord and an owner occupier can be stressful, and is not a good idea for everyone.

Before you commit to living in one side of the duplex and renting the other, you must ask yourself several questions.

  • Can you comfortably live on one side of the duplex? If you live with a large extended family including kids and elderly parents, a single side of a duplex may not be enough.
  • Do you want the extra rental returns from renting both sides of the duplex? By living on one side, you’ve cut back on the amount in rental returns you will receive.
  • Would you be comfortable sharing space with a tenant? Living so close to a tenant can become stressful when there is a dispute or other issue.

You may have heard the term strata title in the context of leasing your duplex.

A strata title allows a duplex to split into two allotments so they can be rented separately. Without a strata title, your duplex must remain a single title property.

With a strata title duplex, there is an owners corporation, which is made up of the owners of the two separate sides. This owners corporation is responsible for shared duties including managing common property, raising strata levies, authorising renovations and repairs, and legal issues.

As a result of this complexity, there must be detailed records of all these shared responsibilities.

However, it is also worth noting that if you own both sides of the duplex yourself, you must pay double the fees.

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