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Conner Rutherford

Digital Marketing Consultant

Conner Rutherford is our Digital Marketing Consultant here at Affinity. Though he graduated uni with a Bachelor of Business (with Honors), majoring in Public Relations, Conner gained experience in digital marketing through hands-on internships with Sunsuper and other companies and saw fit to begin a career in the field of Digital Marketing.

His previous employment was a digital marketing position with a building and pest inspection company. This was his first insight into the specifics of the Australian property market, and its related services.

He continues both his employment in the digital marketing field and his professional growth, as part of the Affinity Property team.

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More About Conner Rutherford...

Conner Rutherford is our in-house expert at search engine optimization (SEO) and all things digital marketing. He will make sure that your property attracts as many eyeballs as possible through the power of online marketing. 

Everyone knows that the internet is an essential part of modern marketing, and everyone uses it. So, how does your property stand out from the crowd?

The answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO makes sure that Affinity’s webpages come up on the first page of Google when searching for property in your area.

Google uses a complex algorithm based to keywords to determine where certain pages should rank based on search terms. Conner has years of experience optimizing web pages, and making the algorithm work for clients.

Also, he is experienced in many other marketing techniques and practices, from content creation to social media posts. He looks forward to building on his experience and helping you get a great result when you sell your property.

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