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The bigger, the better

When buying a house, size always plays a factor. This is also true when it comes to duplexes. 

Duplexes come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller duplexes tend to suffer from lower valuations and constrained sales.

On the other hand, large duplexes enjoy far greater investment returns. Ideally, your duplex will have a configuration of 5-6 bedrooms, 3-4 bathrooms, and a double garage.

Know the location

When buying a duplex, you should have a plan in mind for how you will use both sides. Local amenities and infrastructure should play a key role in your plan. 

For example, if you plan to have an elderly relative live in the duplex, you might look for one with shopping and medical care within a close drive or walking distance. 

If you want to attract young renters, a duplex close to a university campus may achieve this. 

Consider your strategy

If you are buying a duplex for the purpose of investing, you should consider your strategy before you buy.

The best way to achieve this is to plan ahead. Before buying a duplex, make sure there is population growth in the suburb. Furthermore, you should make sure there are not too many other duplexes in the area.

In a suburb with low or no population growth and a high number of duplexes, this lowers the value of your property and can risk extended vacancy. 

To ensure that your duplex will add value to your property, you should first consult with a duplex expert.  

Repair, clean and upgrade your duplex before renting your property

Your duplex’s presentation is key to getting the highest rental returns.

Make sure your property looks as good as possible before you advertise to potential tenants.

Take the opportunity to spruce up your garden, repaint walls, and clean carpets while the property is still vacant. Organise to get major, disruptive repairs and upgrades done before the tenants move in.

Tenants will pay higher rent for premium properties that look fresh and new. Even an older duplex can look new again with the right renovations and/or maintenance.

Photos of your duplex are also important. Consider staging and styling services to get photos that represent your property in the very best light.

Research is key

When searching for duplexes to buy, research is very important. 

Make sure you know what types of duplexes are available in which suburb. There are so many options, including single storey, side-by-side units, or two-storey duplexes where the units sit on top of each other. 

Knowing the median price for these duplexes in your chosen suburb gives you a frame of reference when negotiating a price with the seller.

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Leasing Duplex Properties FAQs

In truth, the future of housing in Queensland will be more diverse than the traditional detached suburban homes. Instead, smaller household sizes will result in increased multiple dwellings like duplexes, triplexes, multiplexes and units. 

This is due to more people living alone, increased housing costs, decreasing demand, environmental concerns, and an increasing population. By purchasing a duplex now, you are embracing an emerging trend and giving yourself more options in the future. 

When you buy a duplex, you may rent out both sides concurrently; live in one side while renting out the other; or live in one side and invite a friend or family member to live next door. Due to their flexibility, duplexes are becoming more popular among extended families. 

Purchasing only one side of a duplex is a great way to own property without spending a fortune. For example, one side of a duplex with three bedrooms and two bathrooms may only cost $360,000. This is significantly cheaper than buying a detached house with the same design.

The options are endless. 

Yes you can buy a single title duplex with the intent to turn it into a dual title property. This process is known as strata titling. 

Strata titling requires a strata title plan to be set up by a licensed cadastral surveyor. This plan must be then submitted to the local council for approval. 

This will split the two sides of the duplex into their own individual allotments, registered with Titles Queensland for the purpose of sale. 

Whether you’re looking at a duplex for sale in Brisbane or a duplex for sale Gold Coast, there is a property out there for you.

Duplexes are growing in popularity, and more are regularly being built and put up for sale. 

Check out our properties for sale to see what we have available at Affinity. 

Whether you’re looking at a duplex for sale in Brisbane or a duplex for sale Gold Coast, there is a property out there for you.

Duplexes are growing in popularity, and more are regularly being built and put up for sale. 

Check out our properties for sale to see what we have available at Affinity. 

Many will tell you that the best place to buy a duplex is in areas near or around Brisbane’s CBD. Traditional wisdom is that these areas have the highest potential for growth, and they are competitive markets. However, with duplex prices close to the CBD sitting above $1,000,000 many buyers are priced out of the inner city property market.

If you’re searching for an affordable duplex, you will find more success in areas outside of Brisbane, like the Moreton Bay Region. This area, located between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, is set for billions of dollars in increased investment over the next few years. 

Buying a duplex in North Brisbane or the Moreton Bay region might be the best investment you ever make. If you want to get a great deal with expert advice from an agent who cares, then choose Affinity. 

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