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How to get your Property Investment Analysis Report


To receive your Property Investment Analysis Report, fill out the form to your right. 

Simply provide your name, email, property address, and phone number, and click “Request A Free Appraisal”. 

To receive your Property Investment Analysis Report, fill out the form below.

Simply provide your name, email, property address, and phone number and click “Request A Free Appraisal”. You can also include your phone number if you would like a call back from us about your report. 


Once you’ve submitted your form, you’ll get an email confirmation from Affinity Property. 

STEP 3: We DO OUR RESEARCH on your property

Affinity will conduct an analysis of your property to uncover deep insights, cost savings, and untapped earning potential that you could be missing out on. 

To find these hidden secrets that can earn you thousands more on your property, we examine: 

  • Features: The size, structure, and features of your property 
  • Local rental market conditions: Factors include the number of vacant properties, average time on the market, and demand for specific types of properties. High demand with low vacancies may allow you to set a higher rental price.
  • Nearby amenities: We conduct an analysis of nearby amenities. Proximity to public transportation, schools, shopping centers, parks, and entertainment venues can positively impact the rental value of your property.
  • Property vacancy: Affinity has an existing list of potential tenants that we can match up to your property if you are searching for a great tenant. We lease quickly to minimize vacancy risk and maximize income. 
  • Maximizing deductions: Affinity’s Property Investment Analysis Report contains information on deductions you can claim on your tax. Important deductions such as tax depreciation are explained and set out in a clear and simple way.
  • Property finance: We analyze your loan options to optimize the profitability of your investment property. This information is then included in your report, with a full loan amortisation schedule.
  • Arrears management: We’ll explain how you can make sure your tenants pay their rent quickly and reliably – every time, so you are not out of pocket. We ensure tenants pay rent on time for steady cash flow. Our arrears consistently stay below 0.5%. – which is the best in the industry. 
  • Tenant selection & retention: The most important part of the leasing process is tenant selection. Selecting high-quality tenants helps reduce tenant turnover and reduce maintenance/repair costs. We’ll explain the process we use to attract and sign up reliable tenants. Affinity Property has a tenant turnover rate of less than 20% per year, which helps landlords save money.
  • Property Management Fees: Experience matters in property management. Inexperienced and poorly trained property managers end up costing landlords thousands extra.It’s important that you don’t pay too much for your property management fees. Some agents charge a low management fee but then have a host of additional fees and costs that are on-charged to landlords. Your fees and the associated services delivered by your property manager should be clearly set out in your Form 6 Agent Appointment, so you can hold your agent to account for their performance.

STEP 4: AFFINITY EMAILS YOU WITH a checklist of items to help complete your INVESTMENT ANALYSIS REPORT 

After you submit your request, Affinity will contact you with a checklist of items to complete your report.

STEP 5: consider having an obligation free chat with affinity about your property management

After you get our report, you can schedule an obligation-free chat with Affinity Property about our property management services. If you are a landlord with an existing property manager, switching property management is easy

Talk to us and we’ll tell you all about the benefits of managing your investment property through Affinity. 

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Find out how you can make
$$$ THOUSANDS extra p.a. on your property GUARANTEED.

Analyse your property’s performance using the Affinity Property Investment Analysis Report™ (PIAR) to uncover deep insights, cost savings, untapped earning potential that you could be missing out on. (*worth $297)


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Louis Sassine

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“The ongoing management of not only the property but the flow of information when things are needing attention is just outstanding, and has been for the last 9 years.”

Louis Sassine

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Discover hidden areas of profitability for your property investment with our Affinity Property Investment Analysis Report™ (PIAR) to uncover actionable steps to easily make $$$ thousands extra per annum

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Don't let a lack of experience affect your margins

First, you ran the numbers. Then, you checked your spreadsheets. After that, you discussed all the complicated maths, only for it to be ruined by the guys who run and manage it for you.

We’ve all heard the “horror stories” about poor (or non-existent) communication, rental property repairs being ignored, long-term rental vacancies, failing to conduct rent reviews, and the list goes on …..

Your property is still
The company that’s helping you to search for tenants isn’t doing much.
Your tenants aren’t paying on time…and no one cares

Your property managers aren’t doing anything to help you collect your rent.

Issues keep popping up…and nobody’s maintaining it
Failure to address critical maintenance affects your immediate profitability.
Your tenants are repeatedly unhappy
Tenant dissatisfaction due to management neglect hurts your occupancy rates.
Your tenants take your property for granted
No one’s dealing with nasty tenants who don’t pay, but aren’t evicted properly.
Finger pointing, instead of problem solving

Managers who are more interested in shifting blame than solving problems.


You need partners who are committed to
your property’s success

The Affinity team delivers the best possible service experience with one goal in mind: to see you succeed in your journey as a property investor. See how we can we help you today.

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Get over 100 years of combined property management experience to maximise your returns.

The Affinity team has over 100 years' combined experience in real estate and property management. Without a doubt, we are your one-stop partner in property profitability and peace of mind. Unlike some other agencies, we don't try to foster a celebrity image for our agents. We are squarely focused on getting results for you. Being a landlord can be a headache if you go through the wrong property managers. We’ll take all the hassle out and let you enjoy the rewards of your property.

Consistent communications

Consistent communications

Vitally, we’ll give you constant updates on your property’s performance.

Transparency at every step

Transparency at every step

Secondly touchpoint, task, action and communication regarding your property gets logged and reported to you.

Drop everything and solve

Drop everything & solve

Thirdly, f there’s an urgent issue, we drop everything and solve it first.

Value before everything else

Value before everything else

Finally, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to improve your rental return.


Get inside advice to command
the best rental rates from great tenants

Affinity does more for you than just North Brisbane property management. Additionally, we help you identify areas of weakness, assess your strengths, and give you inside help to increase your return on investment.

icon Free staging and styling service

Free staging and styling service

Get industry-leading advice about how to present and style your property to attract the highest possible bidder in the market.

Your secret weapon
to enhance profitability

Affinity combines 100 years of “been there, done that” real estate and property investment knowledge
to give you all-rounded assistance and advice to maximise your return on investment.

As such, you can always count on Affinity Property for these three things: 

Your secret weapon to enhance profitability section

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