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Duplexes (also known as dual income properties) are highly sought-after property investments. They offer dual cash flow and bank valuations are strong, similar to the way houses are valued.

Affinity Property has hundreds of potential buyers interested in buying your duplex. Read our expert tips for selling duplex properties, so you can attract the right buyer and achieve a great sale result.

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Research is key

Before selling a duplex, you need to know the market and do your research. Make sure you know what types of duplexes are available in your chosen area. Also, ensure you know the price they are selling for.

This research will give you a frame of reference when setting an appropriate price. It’s important to keep in mind that larger duplex properties with 5-6 bedrooms, 3-4 bathrooms, and a double garage tend to achieve the greatest returns.

The location of your duplex will also affect the sale. Key location criteria for buyers include proximity to parks, schools, shops, restaurants, and public transport.

If you get your duplex at the right place, right time, and with the right features, it can explode in value. And if you’re not comfortable to do the research for your duplex investment strategy, an expert can help.

Single Title vs Dual Title for your duplex

When you sell a duplex in Queensland, it will be listed as either single title or dual title. Selling a dual title duplex can be slightly more expensive, depending on which agency you sell through.

Some agents will charge you two sets of fees to sell and market each side of your dual titled property.

Here at Affinity, we only charge you one set of fees, regardless of whether your duplex has a dual or single title. We believe in making things as easy and simple for our clients as we possibly can.

When duplexes are sold separately, there is a prime opportunity to boost the value of the sides. Selling duplex sides separately allows you to cross-sell, and use the sale price of one side to gauge and promote the sale of the second side.

In order to sell each side of a duplex individually, it will need to be strata titled.  This means each side of the duplex is on it’s own title and the property is allocated a Community Title Scheme (CTS) number. For more information, you can read up on the dual occupancy policy of your local council.

Get staging and styling to add value

Staging and styling can add significant value to your property by appealing to the highest number of buyers. Firstly, your property must be decluttered, and all personal items removed to ensure maximum appeal. 

The space is then restyled using modern furniture sets, throw rugs, cushions, wall art, lighting, homely inclusions etc. These items are arranged in a way that best utilises the available space while highlighting your duplex property’s most appealing features.

To save time and money, you can stage and style only the side of the duplex you intend to sell.  Generally, you want to stage, style and sell the larger side because this will generate a higher selling price. 

Professional photography helps your duplex stand out

Your duplex property will sell much faster if you market it with high-quality photography. Today’s customer is extremely visual, and your property must be aesthetically pleasing to stand out. 

A professional photographer will utilise appropriate camera lenses, angles, and lighting equipment to make rooms look bigger and brighter. This will help to paint your duplex property in the best possible light while accentuating its most attractive features.

Invest in advertising and marketing to get the best price

It’s important that your duplex is properly advertised to attract the largest number of buyers who will pay a premium price. Marketing will cost you extra, but it is a good investment.

At Affinity Property Australia, our marketing team produces paid advertisements via, Domain, Google, Facebook, multiple property websites, and extensive direct marketing to capture the attention of the largest audience of interested buyers.

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When you're selling your property and perhaps readying yourself to buy a new one, there are so many costs that arise. We take the pressure off by offering marketing payment plans. There are a variety of payment plans to suit you.

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Our PriceGauge system is cutting edge technology. This allows us to determine the best price for your home at the time of sale. We use some of the best technology in the real estate industry. Digital web books, digital contract offers, all the premier real estate portals, digital marketing, social media, Youtube advertising, and a host of other digital platforms. It’s how we make sure we get the best price for your property, and find the best buyer.

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We're proud to have a long list of happy customers who've been delighted with the sale of their duplex property. We believe our customer reviews speak for themselves – we have more than 100 5-star reviews.

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With years of experience staging and styling display homes, our team now offers you tailored advice to command the best price for your property – and at no extra charge.

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“Everyone was approachable and we felt confident that our investment was being looked after. As the time came to sell our duplex, we did not hesitate to choose Sean and his team to sell it for us. Kyle was fantastic and was able to sell the duplex for us off market for the price we wanted within a short time frame. Kyle kept us in the loop at all times and went above and beyond for us. We are extremely happy with the result.”

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The best time to sell any property, including a duplex, is when demand is high and supply is limited. This drives up the price and is referred to as a “seller’s market”. 

Brisbane and surrounding regions have been described as a “seller’s market” through 2020-2021.

If you are in a seller’s market and you’re thinking of selling, then the best time to sell is now. 

Selling one side of your duplex property can be a wise investment strategy if you intend to rent out the other side.

Utilising the profit from your sale, you can invest in improvements to the remaining side you own. As a result of these improvements, you can increase the amount of duplex rent that you collect.

Alternatively, you can use the money generated from the sale to pay down the mortgage you have for the other side.

This duplex investment strategy obviously requires you to have a dual title property.

Selling property often depends on the state of the market, but there are other factors to consider.

Depending on how you structure your duplex property this can make it easier or harder to sell. While you can sell a duplex separately, it is better to sell the sides together.

Selling off the sides independently will be harder than if you sell both sides together as a pair. This is because many buyers seek to purchase a duplex with the intent of making use of both sides. They generally either seek to rent out both sides or live in one and rent the offer.

By selling only one side, you significantly decrease the number of interested buyers and make it tougher to sell.

When selling a duplex, it is important you apply the strategies and ideas set out above.

The most important thing is that you have experts to assist you. Affinity Property has the local experience and knowledge about duplexes to get you the best possible price when selling your property.

Selling a duplex is possible without an agent, but there are many steps to go through to do so. This is called selling privately. For more information, check out Affinity Property’s guide for selling privately or through an off-portal sale.

However, a private sale is very stressful. It is recommended that you use a duplex real estate expert, like Affinity Property.

By using a duplex expert like Affinity, you are in safe hands. We take away the stress and ensure the sale goes as smoothly as possible. For more information how we can help with your duplexes, request a free appraisal to let you know the worth of your home.

Affinity Property can sell your duplex in North Brisbane and surrounding suburbs such as Caboolture, Kallangur, and Dakabin.

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