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Affinity Property Australia are the property selling experts

Affinity Property Australia are the property selling experts that have helped countless customers sell their homes across North Brisbane, Kallangur, Caboolture and Murrumba Downs. Our highly experienced team have over 100 years of combined experience in selling real estate and are experts in getting the best results for every sale.

We have a full suite of property selling services and can get you the maximum price for your property, – and sell in a faster timeframe!

At Affinity Property we offer you:

Benefitting you in many ways:

Your secret weapon to enhance the sale price of your home

Affinity combines 15 years of “been there, done that” real estate and property investment knowledge to give you all-round assistance and advice to maximise the sale price of your property.

We’ve sold for record prices in North Brisbane, Kallangur, Caboolture, Murrumba Downs, Morayfield and more…

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Over $500 Million and counting in selling for the best price

We have delivered over five hundred million dollars in property sales using the M.E.T.A system, getting the best sale price every time – for over 800 properties and counting.

Our Affinity M.E.T.A System® gets you more enquiries and a higher sale price

Our special Affinity M.E.T.A system has an excellent track record of increasing enquiries by 50-100% and sale prices by 10-15%.

What is M.E.T.A? It’s our own unique property sales success system which has allowed us to sell over 800 properties for our clients with the highest sale price and return. It’s our proprietary 4-step process for property sales and home sales success.

It’s all about Marketing, Expertise, Timing and Attraction.


Professional photography, videography and marketing copy create a “red carpet experience” to make your property stand out from the crowd.


Our highly trained and experienced agents consistently deliver superior results.They are professionally accredited, experts in using the best digital marketing tools in the industry, they live in your neighbourhood, and understand the local market like the back of their hand.


Prices are quickly and accurately calculated using data driven market research powered by cutting edge technology such as our PriceGauge System.

Try our free Digital Property Appraisal Service.


Our detailed analysis of your property identifies the ideal target buyers who will pay the most for your home. This is combined with a multi-pronged marketing campaign to attract clients who are ready to buy immediately.

To see how much your home might be worth in today’s market, get your free property report here.

Why choose Affinity Property Australia?

We get you the most from your property sale

Small fluctuations in the sale price can make a huge difference to the dollars in your pocket. We make sure that you get the most from the sale of your property and have a proven track record of doing so.

We do more than most, for free.

Getting you the best sale price and the best buyers requires a lot of effort. The small details and touches can make a big difference. We offer many of these extra touches for free to help you save when you sell.

Our marketing payment plans make it easy to cover costs

No need to pay the cost of your property marketing and advertising upfront. Sell your property today and pay zero upfront marketing costs! We make it easy to sell your property and have a range of marketing payment plans to suit all our clients.

Cutting-edge digital technology.

We utilise cutting-edge technology to determine the best price for your home at the time of sale using our PriceGauge system. We also use the best tech in the real estate industry with digital web books, digital contract offers, all the premier real estate portals, digital marketing, social media, Youtube advertising, and a host of other digital platforms. This means your property is priced at the highest possible selling point and reaches millions of potential buyers.

Over one hundred 5-Star reviews

Our reviews speak for themselves. Many of our clients have become good friends and you’ll find over 100 5-star reviews from happy customers we’ve helped, over many years.

Free staging and styling service

We have many years experience setting up display homes with full staging and styling. This expertise means we can help you with inside advice to command the best price for your property.

Get inside advice to command the best price for your property

We’ll show you how to declutter, depersonalise, and enhance the positive aspects of your property. Professional staging encourages potential buyers to immediately visualise themselves living in your house. We provide free styling and staging advice, and discounted physical property staging furnishings, furniture and wall art.

Selling your property? Our industry-leading team of property sales experts can't wait to help

You need partners who are committed to your property’s success. The Affinity Property team delivers the best possible service experience with one goal in mind: getting the highest price for you on the best terms.

Our highly experienced and qualified team are experts in selling properties to get you the best possible price. We have a proven track record of getting more enquiries from interested buyers, attracting the best buyers willing to pay the most, and selling properties in quick and efficient timeframes.

We are known for consistent communications and transparency at every step – we’ll give you constant updates on your property’s performance, and every touchpoint, task, action and communication regarding your property gets logged and reported to you.

And we have an industry leading low turnover of staff and a team based model for selling your home. This means consistency in service delivery and access to your selling team 24/7 through your experience with Affinity.

We’re committed to your success every step of the way! Our agents are here to help you sell your home for more.

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Want An Extra $60,000 In Your Pocket Like Andy?​

“Affinity Property provided the best sales and marketing team effort of any agent I have used… they took care of every detail; from presentation, marketing, repairs and coordination of services… they were sensational!”

Andy Rushton

One of many happy property sale clients

Our proprietary method for selling your home increases your property value up to $60,000 over a conventional appraisal – without adding thousands of dollars in holding costs or weeks on the market.

This case study on the sale of Andy Rushton’s home in Fitzgibbon, QLD shows an example of us doing just this.


Our customer reviews speak for themselves

We’re proud to have a strong reputation for delivering the best results. With over 100 five-star customer ratings on Google, Facebook, and Ratemyagent reviews.

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When you select Affinity Property, our commitment to the successful sale of your home is guaranteed.
We are happy to arrive at a mutually agreed fee. This can be either a fixed percentage of the selling price or incentive based agent fees. We strive to ensure a fair sales commission while providing the best quality service and use the best method of sale so you can get the most from your sale – whether you are a home owner or investor taking advantage of the current market to sell your property.

A number of factors are taken into account such as: the sale of comparable local properties, extensive market knowledge, experience and an understanding of buying trends, and we also take into account the local area, property type, views and presentation of your property.
We base our market estimate on solid facts.
For most people, selling their home or investment property is one of the largest financial transactions of their life and the difference between a good price and a great price is everything. We work hard to ensure you get the best price for your property sale.

An experienced and licensed real estate agent from Affinity will get in touch within 48 hours – usually the same day – to gather more info and book an appointment. From there, we walk you through the process of selling your home to the potential buyers that will pay the best prices

If you’re looking for a Real Estate agent in North Brisbane, Kallangur, Caboolture, Murrumba Downs or surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place. Talk to our friendly, experienced team about selling your home today.

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You deserve the best price for your home

Talk to our property sales experts to make it happen.

We’re committed to getting the very best results for you. This is not only in terms of getting you the best price for your home or property sale, but also in doing so in the best timeframe, in the easiest and most efficient way possible for you, with minimal expenditure.

Our expertise and experience is shown by 800+ successful property sales and counting, and our 5-Star Reviews from over 100 happy customers. Talk to one of our experienced property sales experts today and get the most from your home sale.

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