Information on Investing in NRAS Properties

NRAS INVESTMENT PROPERTIES  NRAS is an Australian Government initiative to make rental properties more affordable by encouraging large-scale investment in rental housing for low to moderate income families and individuals.  Its aim was to assist institutional investors, private investors, developers, and not-for-profit groups to deliver up to 50,000 rental dwellings.  The scheme was introduced in 2008 and as at March 2015 it had delivered approximately 37,500 new dwellings across Australia. The scheme offers investors a tax free National Rental Incentive of up to $114,962* over 10 years if the property is rented to eligible low and moderate income households at 20 per cent below market rates (* based on 5% increase in NRAS Incentive over 10 year period, commencing 2010).   NRAS is focused on the delivery of AFFORDABLE HOUSING … NOT SOCIAL HOUSING.  The scheme has been designed to encourage property investors to deliver new housing in areas of hig...

Claiming your NRAS Incentive

The NRAS Year is offset from the financial year by two months and runs from 1st of May to 30th April each year. The Federal Government contributes 75% of the National Rental Incentive (NRI) for NRAS each year, with the other 25% being contributed by the State and Territory Governments. The NRI is indexed annually to the CPI and is $11,048 for the 2016 - 2017 NRAS Year. Please click here to view the Australian Government NRAS Incentive indexation fact sheet.Federal Government Incentive PaymentThe Federal Government’s portion is claimed as a Refundable Tax Offset (RTO) on your income tax return and is paid directly to you by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) through the NRAS Approved Participant. In past years the Federal Government has issued RTO (Refundable Tax Offset) certificates to your NRAS Participant by late July and the certificates are then forwarded to you (the NRAS Investor).  For the 2013-14 NRAS Year there was a significant delay in the issue of NRAS RTO ...

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Renting an NRAS Property

Would you like to save 20% or more on your rent?   If your answer is 'YES', then you should check out the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS).  This fantastic government funded program helps tens of thousands of people gain access to high quality new properties including houses, duplexes, townhouses and apartments.  To learn more about whether you are eligible for NRAS, please click the on-line eligibility checklist below.   Affinity Property Australia is one of Australia's leading managers of NRAS properties.  The NRAS scheme is supported by the Australian Government and the Queensland State Government.   For more information about our available NRAS properties, visit our NRAS Properties for Rent  

NRAS Indexation 2017-18

The latest NRAS CPI report is available here