First Impressions Count! (Steps 18 - 32)

The Front Entry to your property can provide a great first impression, whilst Cleaning & Maintenance is essential to ensure buyer's have a positive experience when they walk through your home. 
Read about our expert tips for your Front Entry, Cleaning & Maintenance in preparation for sale. 

The Front Entry

No matter how big or small, the front entry of your home deserves particular attention.

 STEP 18

Study your entry way and ask yourself what kind of first impression it creates? Dried flowers or a small plant can make a striking focal point on a hall table any time of the year. Virtually any entry hall will benefit from a well-placed mirror to give the illusion of space.

 STEP 19

Your entry hall flooring will be observed carefully by the prospective buyer. Make sure the surface is spotless and add a small rug to protect the area during showing.

 STEP 20

An entry cupboard (if you have one) will be the first one inspected, therefore make it appear roomy. Remove all off-season clothing and add extra hangers.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance can be inexpensive but have a huge impact on the presentation and appeal of your property to prospective buyers.

 STEP 21

Every area of the property must sparkle and shine! Each hour spent will be worth the effort. Make it easy for the buyer to want your home.

 STEP 22

Clean all of the windows, including the laundry and garage.

 STEP 23

Clean all carpets and rugs. Clean and polish lino, tile and wooden floors. Consider re-finishing a wooden floor if necessary.

 STEP 24

Clean and polish all woodwork, paying particular attention to kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


 STEP 25

Clean all light fixtures. Glass covers of most ceiling fixtures can be made to sparkle by running them through piping hot water.

 STEP 26

Clean and polish ceiling fans and clean exhaust fan covers, as these are dust magnets.

 STEP 27

Check to see that all doors and windows are in good working order. Clean and paint doors if necessary. 

 STEP 28

Screens should be free of any tears, holes, dust and cobwebs.

 STEP 29

Inspect all locks to ensure they are functioning properly.

 STEP 30

Check for loose or missing tiles and clear out gutters/ downpipes. Touch up peeling paint on gutters.

 STEP 31

There may be several things in your home that you have simply become accustomed to over time. Attend to all maintenance NOW as buyers will mentally add up their perceived cost of repairing all those minor flaws and end up with an amount that is generally much higher than your actual costs will be.