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Kallangur Property Sold For Record Price!

43 Rosebrook Street

Some very happy buyers can look forward to many years in their new home, 43 Rosebrook Street, Kallangur.

Not only that, but the previous owners are overjoyed by the profitable and successful sale. In fact, the sale of 43 Rosebrook is the highest recorded sale in the suburb’s history. 

Looking at the property, it’s no surprise that the house sold in only a matter of days.

This great low-set brick and tile home sits in a quiet cul-de-sac in a sought-after pocket of Kallangur on a 600m2 block, with a northeast aspect. The new owners arrived at a freshly painted home with newly installed carpets.

This great sale satisfied all parties, which is exactly what we aim for at Affinity Property. 

It came about because our team of highly skilled professionals knew the market, knew how to show off the house’s many features, and knew how to present it in the best light.

How We Help You Achieve Great Results

There are 5 key steps we will take to make sure you get the best results when selling your home. 

  • Staging and styling: We had the owner remove personal items, and then used our own items and furniture to give the house a mass-market appeal. Then, we used professional photography and video content to give it the red carpet marketing campaign.
  • Photography: Professional photography allowed 43 Rosebrook to stand out in the market. Because we showed off the property at its best, the buyers took notice and enquired. Furthermore, we will do the same for your property.
  • Gardening: When making a property look as good as possible, you cannot forget the garden or front lawn. Ultimately, these are the first things a potential buyer sees when they inspect the house, so you want them looking neat, tidy, and appealing. 
  • Renovating: Renovating can add to the value of your home. We can get you in contact with a quality, affordable contractor who will do the work that adds real value to the sale price. 
  • Off-market sales: Sometimes, it is possible to sell your property off-market. This means you do not advertise to the wider public. Instead, you engage with only a small number of buyers. Contact us if this method interests you. 


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For more on the Staging and Styling that we do for properties such as 43 Rosebrook, check out this video

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