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“Ken has a commitment to continuous improvement that I have not seen in anyone else I have ever come across. He asks questions that need to be answered. The response to which feeds a drive for organisational performance which extends to every level. The businesses he touches are much better for the experience and always more profitable!”

— Russell Fairbanks, Managing Director at Luminary 

Ken Smith


Ken Smith is the Chairman of Affinity Property Australia Pty Ltd. As a Non-Executive Director he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge across a range of industries over the past 40 years including water and infrastructure, health and aging, energy, agribusiness, and the NFP sector.

After decades of success across the fields of marketing, science and accounting, Ken worked with Sean McCreanor to start a company that assisted low income earners and retirees to obtain affordable housing. 

Today, that company is Affinity Property, a well-established and respected diversified property group. For over 15 years, Affinity Property has developed, managed and sold large residential sites, complexes and communities in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. 

The combined value of Affinity’s property sales and management portfolio exceeds $500 million. 

Ken specialises in developing  organizational effectiveness, linking staff engagement with organisational performance, change management, leadership development, executive excellence and common sense.

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More about Ken Smith ...

Prior to founding Affinity, Ken was an executive for companies including BP Plc., Colgate Palmolive LLC, and Imperial Chemical Industries.

He also had a stint as Managing Director and then Chairman of Century Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd, where he steered the organisation to the position of the largest and most profitable battery company in the Southern Hemisphere, with revenues of $200M and an EBITDA of 23% before retiring in 2001.

Ken is also the former Managing Director of PQ Lifestyles Ltd and a former Director of Brisbane Water Ltd, and Performance Feeds Pty Ltd.

Along with his position at Affinity, Ken is currently Chairman of McKenzie Digital Group and Kevin Holt Consulting. He is also Director of CEO Dynamics and Adventist Healthcare. 

At this stage of his life, Ken has focused his attention on mentoring current and emerging business executives and chairmen. His strategic vision is sought after by some of Australia’s leading brands and companies. 

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