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The team at Affinity Property are excellent to deal with; thorough, kind, and considerate … of both myself, as the landlord and my tenant.

– Colin Laird, Landlord

Vanessa Faisca

Property Manager

Vanessa is an experienced Property Manager, and she has a wealth of knowledge in all tasks in property management. This includes conducting and scheduling routine inspections, managing property maintenance, mid and end-of-month, banking, drawing up leases, and selecting good tenants. She is friendly and dependable and is highly regarded by all of Affinity Property’s clients, staff, and contractors. 

Vanessa has excellent planning and time management skills, and she is very efficient in her role. She enjoys liaising with tenants and owners and she likes working with the public.  Her strong communication skills and exceptional organisational skills enable Vanessa to get the right outcome for clients with minimal fuss.

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More About Vanessa Faisca ...

Vanessa has significant experience in customer service and business administration. She previously worked in the hospitality industry and the retail industry before venturing into real estate and property management. Vanessa discovered her passion in property management working with a boutique real estate agency for 4 years and she loves the variety and people contact in her role.

Over the years, Vanessa has committed herself to continual enhancement of her skill set and she is a quick adapter to new systems, technology, and procedures. She is a very consistent, hardworking, and highly motivated person who is always looking at how things can be done better, faster, and smarter.

Vanessa enjoys being part of the Affinity Property team. Her responsibilities include property management and administration duties as well as providing support to other departments as needed.

Outside of work, Vanessa is a busy mum who loves spending time with her children and enjoying the great outdoors.

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