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What Is A Duplex ?

Duplexes are sought after among wise investors. But why is this? They offer 3 things every property owner wants – versatility, wide appeal, and the opportunity to earn extra income. Learn more about duplexes with your local experts…

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In Queensland, a duplex is made up of two adjoining houses, connected by a shared wall. They are sometimes known as “dual key properties” in New South Wales or “maisonettes” in South Australia. 

The two sides of the duplex may differ in size or shape, or on some occasions, they may mirror each other. 

Affinity are the duplex experts in North Brisbane, Moreton and surrounding areas. 

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In Queensland, a duplex is made up of two adjoining houses, connected by a shared wall. They are sometimes known as “dual key properties” in New South Wales or “maisonettes” in South Australia. 

The two sides of the duplex may differ in size or shape, or on some occasions, they may mirror each other. 

Duplexes are configured in patterns such as 5/3/2 – 5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 2 car garage. Here is an example of a 5/3/2:

example floorplan for duplex

Duplexes are configured in patterns such as 6/4/4 – 6 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 4 Car Garage. The example below shows a unique design for a corner lot:

example floorplan for duplex2

Key Definitions:

Single title: A single duplex is when both sides of the building are on the same title. They can only be bought and sold together. 

Dual title: Each side has a separate title, and can be sold and bought individually. A dual title has to have a strata title to sell the sides individually. 

Affinity Property has many real estate agents who are experts in all things duplex-related. Whether you’re looking for a duplex property manager, duplex sales agent, or duplex buyers’ agent agent we’ve got you covered. 

We have sold hundreds of duplexes over the past 15 years. See our ‘Recently Sold’ page for more. 

To help you understand everything about duplexes we’ve created specific guides for buying, leasing, and selling duplexes. 

With these guides, you’ll have the knowledge you need to buy, sell or lease a duplex in Queensland. For more information please call us on (07) 3293 9100 or submit your duplex question on this page. 

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Queensland Duplex FAQs

Question: What is the difference between a duplex and a house?

Answer: A house is a detached structure that does not share a wall with any other building. The classic single-family detached house is associated with suburban living. 

In comparison, a duplex has two separate dwellings attached to each other by a wall. The two sides can be different shapes and sizes, or can be mirrored. 

The two properties must be connected by an adjoining wall to be classed as a duplex. In contrast, properties with two detached houses are not duplexes. 

Question: Why buy a duplex instead of a house?

Answer: They provide greater flexibility and affordability, depending on whether you purchase one or both sides of the property.

If you purchase both sides, you may choose from a variety of different living arrangements. For example, you may rent out both sides concurrently; live in one side while renting out the other; or live in one side and invite a friend or family member to live next door. For this reason, duplexes are often popular among extended families.

Purchasing only one side of a duplex is a great way to own property without spending a fortune. For example, one side of a duplex with three bedrooms and two bathrooms may only cost $360,000. This is significantly cheaper than buying a detached house with the same design.

Having a neighbour close by also provides added security and safety which may be particularly appealing to vulnerable residents. The affordability and security makes duplexes popular among first home buyers, single parents, and retirees.

Question: Are there many duplexes in Queensland?

Answer: Duplexes have grown increasingly popular in Queensland. Not only are they affordable and versatile, but most of them are fairly new.

This is because most duplexes were constructed in the last decade, meaning that they are usually in excellent condition with little wear and tear. In contrast, single-dwelling, detached housing is less versatile and may be significantly older, with hidden maintenance issues. 

As house prices continue to rise, so too will the demand for duplex properties. In a housing market of increased costs, environmental concerns, and a growing population, duplexes offer a great property choice. 

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