Boost Rental Property Appeal with Captivating Photography

Unlock the potential of your rental property with captivating photography! Discover why good visuals matter for attracting tenants. From spacious interiors to stunning exteriors, our high-quality images showcase your property’s best features, enhancing its appeal in the rental market. Elevate your listing’s visibility and increase inquiries with professional photography today!. 

#1. Today’s customer is extremely visual

Each prospective renter is spending hours sifting through photos of hundreds of properties on multiple websites. 

There are specific things they are looking for. Namely whether or not your property is aesthetically pleasing to them, whether they could see themselves living there and how close your property is to schools, shops, public transport, parks, and other amenities.

Bad photos scare away good tenants. 

Examples of bad photography

Examples of great photography

#2. Your property will be rented much faster

Studies show that 97% of customers are looking for their rental property exclusively online. When they find something they like, they will take action exceptionally fast. 

On average, rental listings with professional photographs have the best chance of being leased in their first week and on average are leased 70% faster.

When the customer can see lots of details on a property online including great pictures, floorplans, aerial shots and application forms online they are much more likely to go ahead with an application.

Why are floor plans important?

It is important to have a floor plan when leasing your property. Your floor plan will show:

  • The layout of the property
  • Location of walls, doors, and windows 
  • The dimensions of your property 
  • Built-in features (toilets, kitchen counters, garage, decks, porches etc)

A floor plan should show the relationship between rooms, clearly labeling each area of the property and presenting accurate dimensions. 

Adding colour can enhance the image greatly and create a clearer image for interested tenants. 

An effective floor plan will be detailed, easy to follow, and eye catching. 

Example of a floor plan

example floorplan for duplex

Aeriel photographs of your rental property

Aerial photography is a major asset when attracting tenants to your rental property. The benefits of this form of photography include: 

  • A unique view 
  • An examination of nearby surroundings that border your property 
  • Give tenants a complete lay of the land

It has never been easier to get aerial photographs of your property thanks to drones and other technological advancements. 

Example of an Aerial Photo

10 woodcroft aeriel photograph

#3. Professional photographers know how to make your property look appealing

We know it may seem like re-using old photos that you took on your iPhone is resourceful, but these are very ineffective and will make your property suffer.  Amateur photographs can make rooms look smaller, darker and dingy – all of which is not going to attract a good tenant.

Professional photographers know:

  • The proper angles to use to make a room look bigger
  • The correct spot to take a photo from to improve lighting in the photo
  • The best way to highlight any styling within the property
  • Which photos to avoid selecting

High quality photographs

They will generally have a high quality camera which will have a higher pixel count. To see an effective use of great photography in action, see below:

Boost Rental Property Appeal with Captivating Photography

#4. Better photos means better tenants

The better your photos are; the higher calibre of applicants you will receive. This should result in a drama free tenancy.

Even though there is a cost attached to getting professional photos (often less than $200), the cost will be far less than having your property empty for weeks on end because no-one is applying for tenancy.  Affinity Property has a close working relationship with multiple professional photographers and we would be more than happy to have professional photos completed on your behalf upon the listing of your property with us.

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