Kallangur Set to Boom as a Property Hot Spot

Kallangur Has Boomed As A Property Hot Spot



Managing Director (BCom, LREA, MDIA)
May 2021

Kallangur Set to Boom as a Property Hot Spot

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We predicted that Kallangur was set to boom and it did. This was especially true of housing prices which surged 18.75% from October 2020 to September of 2021.

So how did we know that Kallangur was set to boom as a property hot spot? And how do we know what will come next? 

A red hot market

Property prices across Australia’s capital cities increased by 22% in 2021.

Kallangur was once an undiscovered gem, with affordable prices, a prime location, and safe streets. While other Moreton Bay area properties have risen into the $900k range for 3 bedroom homes, in Kallangur these were on offer for these for $670k to $700k. 

However, prices won’t stay this good forever,  and more people are snatching up Kallangur homes and units every day.

While prices in Kallangur have not yet risen to the heights of other suburbs, they are approaching the QLD average. Act fast and buy a property now in Kallangur. 

4 of 1 Montree Circuit sold graphic
market trends

Proximity to new university campus

When we first published our prediction back in 2019, the USC campus was still a year away.

Now the campus is operating and growing. By 2030, it is expected to be the same size as the flagship USC Sunshine Coast campus, with 10,000 enrolled students and 100+ degrees on offer.

There are already plans to expand the campus with new facilities. This new university promises to bring residence and further investment into the Kallangur area.

As investment and population sizes grow, so too does the price of housing in a suburb.

International students

With the COVID pandemic coming to an end, international students are expected to come back to Australia in force in the coming months and years. This increases the demand for student rental accomodation.

Higher yield from student accomodation

Investing in student accommodation generally provides higher yields than properties with regular tenants. This is because there is more opportunity to rent room-by-room, rahther than renting a whole property to a single person or couple.

Proximity to services, transport and entertainment

The proximity of Kallangur to other essential services also makes it an attractive prospect for new investors and owner-occupiers. 

Kallangur enjoys proximity to local schools, parks, restaurants, shopping centres, medical facilities, and public transport.

The presence of so many services makes Kallangur a property hot spot. There will be even more growth and investment in the years to come. 

kallangur population projection
kallangur population projection

Coronavirus, interstate migration and the future

Coronavirus has also impacted Queensland’s property market. When we told you Kallangur was set to boom, no one could’ve predicted the influence of a global pandemic.

And yet, Kallangur had all the infrastructure to encourage new buyers.

With many states ravaged by COVID-19, Queensland’s strong health response left us in a far stronger position than other states. 

This has caused people in southern states, like Victoria and NSW, to purchase interstate in the hopes of moving to Queensland. 

Kallangur has seen interest from out-of-state buyers also, and the property market has boomed as a result. While property prices naturally are expected to stabilise, the growth in the QLD property market is set to continue over the long term.  This is because the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane is expected to produce substantial economic and property market growth in the city and surrounding suburbs 

Out of state buyers deserve the best

If you are an out of state buyer looking to buylease or sell in Kallangur, read the links on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us now.

Population growth

The population of QLD is expected to grow substantially over the next few years. Studies show that by 2041, the Local Government Areas (LGAs) in South East Queensland will have a population of 5.44 million. This is a 20% Increase from 2020.

This population growth will drive an increase in demand for property, increasing the value of your property.