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Discover Your Dream Home in Petrie! With hundreds of houses for sale at any given time, Petrie offers a vibrant real estate market. At Affinity, we’ve been your trusted local experts for over 17 years, helping hundreds of homeowners achieve outstanding results in their property sales.

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We’re proud to have a strong reputation for delivering the best results in Petrie. With over 100 five-star customer ratings on Google, Facebook, and Ratemyagent reviews.

Why choose Affinity?

We know the Petrie real estate market inside and out

Affinity Property has intimate knowledge of the Petrie property market. The Petrie real estate market has a total of 3,359 residential properties, made up of:

  • 218 flats & units
  • 162 townhouses & villas
  • 10 duplexes, and
  • 2,969 houses

Petrie’s rental market comprises 825 properties, accounting for 25% of total residential properties in the area. This percentage is lower compared to many other postcodes in Brisbane and the City of Moreton Bay, where rental properties often make up 35% or more of the residential properties. Notably, Petrie’s rental stock remains historically low, with a vacancy rate below 1% in 2024, and new housing supply at its lowest point in over a decade.

Demand for rental properties in Petrie is high, driven by population growth in Brisbane and the City of Moreton Bay, as well as the anticipated increase in demand due to the projected growth of the USC Petrie Campus. However, there are concerning trends for tenants, including a decrease in the availability of townhouses for rent, with many being purchased by first-home buyers.

We stay on top of developing Petrie real estate market trends. For example: Are there a lot of young families moving in? Or is Petrie an attractive market for older retirees? For the latest news on the Petrie property market you can read Unlocking the Future: Petrie Real Estate Market Trends Forecast 2024.

Knowing real estate supply and demand is one thing. But it takes an expert to leverage this information for maximum profit when you sell. 

Affinity also knows how to maximise the appeal of your Petrie home. We highlight local infrastructure like school catchments, public transport (ex: Petrie train station), shopping areas, parks, bike tracks & walkways, and local medical facilities to get you the best possible price. To learn more about local amenities and services in Petrie, you can check out the links below.

Personalized approach, strong relationships

At Affinity Property, we take a personalised approach with our clients. To us, you are not just a number – you’re a person with goals, hopes, and aspirations. 

We work tirelessly to build strong relationships with our clients as the backbone of our sales strategy. That’s why our local real estate agents are contactable 24 hours a day. 

A proven process for success, with the track record to match

17 Tandoor Drive Petrie Lounge Room

Sean went out of his way to help me. I needed to get several repairs done - he arranged and supervised it all. My lovely old home was priced right for the market and we achieved a great result. Sean made it very easy for me and I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

The case study of 17 Tandoor Drive, Petrie:
  • Organising Repairs and Maintenance: The property owner needed repairs and maintenance for 17 Tandoor Drive Petrie to boost its presentation and market value. Affinity Property coordinated a range of skilled contractors for tasks such as roof repairs, plumbing fixes, garden maintenance, electrical updates, painting touch-ups, plastering work, and more.

  • Cutting-Edge Digital Home Staging and Styling: Utilizing the latest in digital home staging and styling, we transformed the property’s presentation for potential buyers. By digitally enhancing the space, we helped prospective buyers visualize themselves living in the home. This modern approach added an extra layer of appeal and made the property stand out in the market, ultimately helping secure a great sale price.

  • Use of Market Leading Digital  Web Books and Digital Contract Offers: The client’s property was marketed nationally and internationally using digital web books and digital contract offers. This resulted in numerous contract offers from clients interstate and from local buyers. The property went under contract quickly and sold for a great price. To see how the digital web books work – you can click here.

  • Achieving Satisfaction For Our Client: With our keen understanding of the Petrie real estate market, we were able to secure a great result on the sale of our client’s Petrie home.

We have a proven process to help you succeed when you sell your Petrie home. Contact us today for a market appraisal on your home.

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Our proven process for a successful property sale

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Step 1: Initial consultation about your property

In our first chat, our main goal is to get to know you and your home better. We want to understand why you're selling and what you're hoping to achieve. By listening to your needs and learning about your Petrie property, we can come up with a plan that's just right for you. We'll talk about what makes your home special and any improvements it might need to attract buyers. We'll also chat about the housing market in your area, so you have a clear picture of what to expect. Our aim is to make the selling process as smooth as possible for you. We'll discuss things like how much to sell for, how to advertise your home, and how to handle negotiations with potential buyers. By the end of our chat, you'll feel confident that we're on the same page and ready to help you sell your home in Petrie.

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Step 2: Professional staging and photography

We help you stage and style your Petrie property to enhance its visual appeal and broaden its appeal to a diverse audience of potential buyers, ultimately optimizing its market value.

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Step 3: Strategic marketing plan

Our team will craft a tailored marketing strategy designed to showcase the unique qualities of your property, with a specific focus on attracting potential buyers interested in a property for sale in Petrie.

Step 4: Active promotion and showcasing to potential buyers

Once your Petrie property is staged, styled, and photographed, we put our marketing plan into action. We blast your property out across social media, with a mix of high impact ads, organic social media posts, and real estate portal listings. These listings show real estate for sale in Petrie and get millions of visits per month. Using social media and real estate portals, we attract the maximum number of eyes with captivating photos and ad copy. Affinity makes sure that when someone searches for houses for sale in Petrie, they find your property.

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Step 5: Negotiation and closing assistance

We negotiate with prospective property buyers on your behalf, to get an offer that is stable and helps you meet your sales goal. Throughout the whole process, Affinity puts your interests first.

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